Our Journey

The story started on an evening with my husband and I shopping online for good quality clothes for our daughter Shrey. Subconsciously for us parents, this is a major issue when we buy affordable clothes, we somewhere know they won’t last more than 3-4 washes and if we buy an expensive one, our kid will outgrow it. Trying to find really nice clothes took us almost 3 hours, searching marketplaces and multiple brands. However, in the end, we settled for an expensive one with good quality, after all, it was for my daughter.

That struggle kept bothering me the entire night, I woke my husband up and said I wanted to solve this problem and provide good quality clothing that is priced appropriately for parents like us. It was during this journey that the spark for Sparkling Babies was ignited. 💡💖


Sparkling Babies:


At Sparkling Babies, we understand the joys and challenges that come with parenthood because we've been there ourselves. Founded by a parent, for parents, our story is woven from the threads of love, care, and a genuine desire to provide the very best for our little ones.